What we do

Avenue is a social enterprise that sells unique, ethically sourced products handmade by talented artisans with disability from around the world. Based in Sydney, Avenue is run by a workforce of people with disability who use their skills to create, grow and evolve the business.

Avenue was established under the firm belief that all people can meaningfully contribute with their skills and talents. Our workplace provides vocational and skill development opportunities for people with disability that allows them to use their skills to achieve both business and personal goals.




Our mission is to empower people to acknowledge a person's skills 
rather than their disability. Our vision is a global community that promotes meaningful vocations, economic empowerment and opportunities for all people to reach their potential.  





Avenue supports the employment of people with disability in developing countries like Nepal, Cambodia, India and Laos. These artisans are highly skilled in crafting homewares, gifts, accessories and toys from a range of materials including natural fibres and recycled products.




From buying our products you are not only supporting the work of our team in Sydney, you are also supporting the many talented artisans with disability who manufacture our products in Australia and around the world. 




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