Using our skills and abilities to bring epic brands to the world

Avenue, a social enterprise of Fighting Chance established in 2011, is well know in the local disability sector for leading innovation. Based in Sydney, Avenue is run by a workforce of people with significant disability who use their skills to create, grow and evolve the business. Avenue empowers team members with disability, by providing opportunities for meaningful work, skills development and all business profits.

Avenue’s “Why”: Our mission is to empower people with disability - to acknowledge team members’ skills and focus on their ability, rather than their disability.  Our vision is a global community that promotes meaningful vocation, economic empowerment and opportunities for everyone to reach their potential.

All of our team members in Avenue have a disability that restricts them from traditional modes of employment.  At Avenue we empower our team members to tap into their skills and abilities to do, create and achieve in epic proportions. We seek out brands with a similar ethos, mission of empowerment and ethical and fair trade practices.

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