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At Avenue I have been making presentations to show mini groups. I brainstorm the topic that I want to talk about and then research about my chosen topic, and then I start making the presentation about my chosen topic. The week before last week I presented my first topic. My first chosen topic was Healthy eating which was a really fun and engaging topic to present.  I got really really good feedback. Last Week I have been working on my next chosen topic to present which is Bullying. I have been researching a lot of information to put into my presentation. I hope that I can make many more engaging topics to present. By doing these presentations it will lead...

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Avenue Renovations

Beginning in March until now, the workmen have been renovating Avenue Hub A’s office, which used to be the original Jigsaw office in 2016. The workmen have taken out the carpet from the entrance of the office. They have taken out one door from the outside of the office to the entrance. There used to be two doors which led into the office from the outside. This has widened up the entrance area into the office and now, Avenue might have a little entrance area where people can be welcomed into the offie via staff. The workman have also taken out a wall from the old stockroom and put two more offices, one for Stacy and Cailyn and one for...

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Avenue A Blog

My Goals I would like to become more social, interacting with new people that I haven’t met before. I am eager to help Avenue Interns on how to learn to code I am enthusiastic to becoming a support worker at Avenue I would like to become more confident about my strengths. I am passionate about helping people who are in need   Nathan Turi  

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Royal Easter Show Blog

On Saturday 24th March I went to the Royal Easter Show with Jo Berry and friends from Avenue, I had a really fun day with Jo and friends from Avenue. We went to the Woolworths food dome and looked at the Fruit and Veg Creations they were really good. After The Woolworths food dome we went to see the cats which were inside the Woolworths food dome. After that we went to see the dog race which was also inside the Woolworths food dome. After that we went to see the wood chopping competition which NSW Won Yeah! After that everyone was feeling hungry so we all went to get a bite to eat. After that we went to see...

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My Day at Avenue Hub A

I come to Avenue Originals on Wednesdays and Fridays and I’m enjoying working with the team leaders here at Hub A. I’m enjoying doing 1:1 LIfeX work with Jo Berry when she’s available. I also enjoy updating the Avenue Breakroom TV slides so that everyone in Avenue A is re-updated with their profile pages. I enjoy working with team leaders like Stacy Slavin (Nee Richardson), Cailyn Brown, Rebecca, Jasmine Clynk, Liz Webb, Britt Vescio, Lizzie Brown etc. I enjoy seeing Ashleigh Powell alongside Cassia Clynk every Friday. Avenue is a social enterprise company and I’m liking working here.

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