A Quick History Of Mother's Day

Mother’s Day 

Mother’s Day is a celebration for mothers all around the world. It was started in 1908 in Virginia in the USA by a woman called Anna Jarvis. She wanted to campaign for mother’s day to remember the great work her mother did before she sadly passed away.

Mother’s Day is celebrated on different days depending on the country. In some countries Mother’s day is based on a religious or special event that has happened in that country. In Australia, Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May, in 2015 this will be on the 10th of May. In Australia, the tradition was started by a woman called Janet Haydon who lived in Leichardt in Sydney. She had the idea when she went to visit a patient at Newington State Home for Women. Here she saw that the women were not being looked after properly or treated correctly, she then decided to ask the local community, schools and businesses to donate gifts to give to these women.

This Mother’s day make sure you buy a present for your mum that will last, and show how much you care. Some of our favourite ideas for Mother’s day gifts are scarves, gloves and of course you can never go wrong with a simple card. Better still Avenue can help you take care of your mum on this important day, if you are stuck for ideas make sure to check out the Avenue Mother's Day Gift collection.


Author: Lia Sintras – Avenue Work Experience Student (right) and mum, Evelyn (left). 


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