2017 at Fighting Chance

What a year 2017 was! Here are the highlights from our year at Fighting Chance:

December was our most profitable month ever!! This is due in part to many Team Members creating artworks and designs that have been made into products like stationery sets, which have been a huge success.  We also have our fabulous new mural in the Hub B kitchen and the end of 2017 saw the office enjoying our Christmas party at Clontarf and a joyous Secret Santa.  

2018 Things To Look Forward To:

Due to an increase in NDIS funding, many team members will have the opportunity to attend more days at Avenue.  A major driving force this quarter is the establishment of everyone's individual goals which will be supported with the influx of new team leaders.  2018 will also see Avenue launching new products including t-shirts and socks with our fantastic team members Ash, Dan, Glenn and Bri A's original artworks.

Everyone at Fighting Chance enjoyed the break and came back nice and refreshed.  Lots of people went away.  Some people traveled far, others closer to home but everyone came back with stories to tell.  

We look forward to a happy and productive 2018.  

Stay tuned!




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