Handmade scarves for any occasion!

 Handmade Scarves!

 No matter what season we are in, here at Avenue we love our scarf collection. Our range of silk, wool and cotton scarfs can be put to great use regardless of the temperature outside. Our scarves are handmade by our partners around the world.

Today we thought we’d help you out with a quick guide to the Avenue handmade scarf collection via colour.

Handmade Silk Scarf

Single Colour

Eri Silk - this scarf is bright and bold and will stand out amongst the crown. The Eri silk fibre is great for all seasons and is durable and thermal. These are handmade by our partner, MESH, in India.

Silk scarf - these lightweight scarves come in a variety of vibrant colours including red, blue, pink and green. The wide range of colours could be used to brighten up any outfit and are a particularly great to an outfit in warmer weather.

Handmade Yak Wool Two Tone Fair Trade Scarf

Two tone

Yak Wool Throw – these two tone scarves come in black with five different colour options: red, blue, teal, green and bronze. They are handmade by our fair trade partner, Seven Women.

These large throws can be used as a shawl, scarf or a small blanket. Yak wool is one of the most unique of animal wools:

          -  absorbs moisture and is breathable

          -  soft and luxurious

          -  strong, tough and durable

          -  very warm!

Eri Silk - This is a great scarf for men. It comes in just the one colour option of a cream and grey.

Tie-Dye - Again made from Eri Silk, this scarf has been tie dyed using blues and greens with each one having a unique finish.

Handmade Fair trade Cotton Scarf


Multi-colour cotton - These lightweight multi-coloured scarfs are a great summer accessory. Each one comes in unique colours and patterns and brighten up a plain outfit. They make a great gift for a friend. These scarves are made by our fair trade partner, Seven Women, in Nepal.

Raw silk - this medium sized raw silk scarf comes with blue, green, purple, orange and pink all woven together in a bright and cheerful chequered pattern.

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