AnnaBri Originals - an interview with Brianna Heaton.

Tell us about the products you create?
Well, the brand is called AnnaBri and I create bowls, necklaces (round shape, hearts and birds.) The colours are all different, but I mainly use blue, pink and purples.
handmade ethically sourced jewellery
When did you start creating jewellery?
2 years ago

How do you make them?
I make the shape out of clay and then they get fired.
Then I paint them, followed by a varnishing process. 
Why did you start AnnaBri?
My mum and I thought it was a good business idea

Where do you sell your design?   

At different markets in Northern Sydney like Lane Cove , Mosman, Kirribilli and The Beaches. We are currently looking into more markets.

Ihandmade ethically sourced jewellery colourfuln your own words, what's so awesome about your designs?  
They look cool and different, (and we've got to agree, Bri's paint styles are one of a kind!)

Do you have any new products on the horizon?  
Yes, more colours for the jewellery and some different bowls.
Maybe some different designs for the necklaces too, (make sure you keep an eye on for these designs on Avenue's website)


AnnaBri Originals is an initiative of Brianna Heaton, Bri is also an intern at Avenue. Avenue has been stocking her creations for a number of years and they have always been very popular at our local markets. Bri's necklaces are part of our handmade jewellery collection which has been ethically sourced. You can follow her Facebook for AnnaBri Originals here.
Dan Goddard Fighting Chance Intern
Interview by Avenue's in-house Reporter - Dan Goddard (Intern)   




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