AWESOME 3D printing

Hi my name is Marusha, I work for Fighting Chance.

Last Thursday I went to a 3D printing workshop at makers place. I was amaze at  how much stuff you can make for just under a dollar! It was awesome.

We made a joy stick knob for my finger so I am able to use my mouse easier. A joy stick knob are $200! I made mine for 20 cents!

Right now we are in the process of making a jelly bean switch for Matt Elliot and Kylie Daily! For their hands, elbow and head. Making it easier for them use the computer

Makers Place is a non profit organisation that's helps up and coming artist with their projects. They do workshop, 3D printing and design clothes. They are base in Leichhardt!

thanks Melissa, Kin and Johan for making this possible!!

signing off Marusha                          

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