Avenue Renovations

Beginning in March until now, the workmen have been renovating Avenue Hub A’s office, which used to be the original Jigsaw office in 2016. The workmen have taken out the carpet from the entrance of the office. They have taken out one door from the outside of the office to the entrance. There used to be two doors which led into the office from the outside. This has widened up the entrance area into the office and now, Avenue might have a little entrance area where people can be welcomed into the offie via staff. The workman have also taken out a wall from the old stockroom and put two more offices, one for Stacy and Cailyn and one for the sensory room/Ash’s resting room. In these areas, the workmen have put new carpet in and taken out the old carpet. The desk that Stacy and Cailyn use has now been moved to the old stockroom.

The Avenue A team have moved all of the stock items from the old stockroom to where Stacy and Cailyn used to work. Avenue also has changes with managers as Megan is joining Hub A. Megan’s desk is now next to Stacy and Cailyn. Interior designers are coming to Avenue Hub A and are looking at the layout of the office. They are looking to make a design change to make the space fuller and more functional.

At first, it was very strange and odd for me as I wasn’t expecting the renovations in Hub A as Stacy only emailed me about the doors and not the full renovations, but now, I feel great about what the workmen have done for this office. It looks better and more spaced out.


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