Bev Dobson

At Avenue A, we have a volunteer whose name is Bev Dobson,

I had actually introdued everyone to Bev when she had walked into the door on the very first Thursday taht she came into our lives.

Bev is such an amazing young woman who has 3 amazing children of her own. The children's names are Harry, George and Billie. Harry is 6, George is now 4 and Billie is 1.

I actually watch "The Voice Australia" and like that, I turned my chair around for Bev to say that she is an amazing and incredible young woman indeed.

Bev has shown such great tallent with these Avenue men and women and staff and I am very fortunate to work with Bev some times on a Thursday.

When it REALLY comes to Thursdays, I REALLY enjoy spending time with Bev Dobson as she REALLY deserbs a good time indeed.

Bev, you really are an amazing person and I love working and being a part of your life indeed and I'll really treasure your beautiful words and sense of calmness.

When you really leave, I will STILL keep in touch with Bev via emailing as she really means a lot to my life and to everyon'es life also.

We really admire Bev's generosity in giving up her quality family time to be with Avenue and whenever there's something on, we'll keep her informed as it comes to play.

I think that Bev is truly my best friend indeed.

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