Blog about Working at Avenue

What I like about working at Avenue is meeting new people and working as a group. The environment we work in is calm and relaxing. It is calm and relaxing because it is not busy and it is peaceful.  Jasmine, Nathan Bri and Shona, Monique

Nathan’s Strong Point- Research: Searching the net.

Bri’s Strong Point- Creativity and thinking of ideas.

Jasmine’s Strong Point- Working on computer skills.

We all put our skills together and work as a team.

We all work well as a team because we can communicate really well with each other.

We have opened a new hub and we like being in this room but we are used to the other room because it has more space.

We are prepared to have more people. Having more people means more friends. Friends are like family. We would like to get more computers. If we get more interns it means we need to get more staff.

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