Fighting Chance's 9th Annual Dinner

There was dances, vivid lights, a video, Laura and Jordan spoke and Jordan was the MC for the night. Andrew Rotondo sang in many different languages, they had some bids and some auctions.

There was dancing, fundraising and a beautiful red carpet in the entrance.

Talia said that it was her first annual dinner and she was amazed when she walked into the place and saw lots of people there. There was lots of silent auctions, music and freestyle dancing. The place had a spectacular view of the Opera House during the Vivid Event. There was a live band which enhanced the ambiance of the event. Andrew Rotondo was an amazing singer as he sang in many languages and the launching of the Fighting Chance website which was done by Laura O’Reily as it was a success. The website is amazing and the main manager zis a lady by the name of Lisa Duffy.

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