Fortnightly Update

At Avenue Originals, I have sold 101 Candles and the popular candle is the Zesty Ginger and Green Tea. The markets that I’ve been to are the Mosman and Bondi Markets.

There have been 12.55 online orders that I have received.

I have attend the Avenue Original Candle Launch Party on Monday the 19th of June 2017 from 10:30am/11:30am and there were a few speeches from Laura, Stacy, Cat and Marc Warden. Lots of people had attended the candle launch party and it was a great success.

Fighting Chance had recently also attended the 9th Annual Dinner at Circular Quay International Terminal as they could watch the Vivid show while having an excellent time at the dinner.

Laura had also launched the NEW Fighting Chance Website and everyone enjoyed going online and seeing the website indeed.

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