Georgia's Summer Holiday

Hi my name is Georgia cooper I am writing about these summer holiday I love the holidays because I went to see a new movie called Neverland with Brian goblin.

It was a really awesome relaxing holiday for all of the family because we chilled out and relaxed at my sister partner auntie and uncle’s place they live all the way out at pennant hills but I left my other water gun there which was right near the pool gates entrances  we had my mum sister over from emu plains they stayed for a about one week stay we went shopping at the new classy Warringah Mall and we saw Robert mockler and his mum and dad. It was very amusing too my sister too I fell out of my manual wheel on top of my sister whole full body Blake dropped the chair on top of my sister whole body parts

We went to the Balmoral beach party for sample Christmas picnic party just before the holidays.

There was a lot yummy delicious foods that the people brought.

I am going to see the Guns And Roses concert on the 14th of January.

I called the number the Sydney capital theatre for a booking for some bigger and better confidentially plan too se the musical Aladdin but I could only get the tickets for the Wednesday night I was so disappointed but oh well!

On Christmas eve we had some family relatives over too the unit in Mosman called john sue welsh we had a yummy delicious sweet roast pork but for dessert we had some yummy homemade palalova

We saw the carols at the rotunda at Balmoral beach but it was raining down so that we all got so wet at the beach because it was so hard and wet  .

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