In the life of Nathan Turi

My Life has been really tough since i was born. I was born in the Mater Hospital. At a very young age i was diagnosed with Low Muscle Tone   which restricts me from certain activities. In October 2011 i had to leave school to have a back operation,. I had surgery on my back due to a curved spine. I have 33 screws, rods, needles in my back which restricts me to certain sports. Every Thursday and Saturday i go to Engergise Fitness for personal training. My personal trainers are higher than a GP(General Practitioner) They are a exercise practitioner. I do a special program which is exercise rehab which is anyone who has a had a operation does this program. Cause you exercise based on your ability. I have been coming to Fighting Chance for 3 years. I work at Fighting Chance 5 days a week. Coming to Fighting Chance has changed my life, it has gotten me more friends allowed me to be social and being with people that make me welcome. Thank you so much Fighting Chance for making me feel welcome and hope you continue making me welcome.

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