Interview with Tori Dowd


  1. How long have you been coming to Avenue Originals?
  2. Tori started working at Avenue Originals just a couple of month ago.
  3. What do you enjoy doing on the weekends?
  4. Tori enjoys being at home with her Mum and she also enjoys doing music on Saturday mornings. At music, Tori plays instruments like the drums. Tori also likes listening to music at home and her favourite artists are ABBA.
  5. Do you travel a further commute from Avenue Originals?
  6. Tori travels from Cremorne which is north from the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
  7. What is your favourite hobby/thing to do outside of Avenue Originals?
  8. Tori’s favoutie TV show is “Golden Girls”
  9. Do you like working at Avenue Originals?
  10. Yes, Tori loves working at Avenue Originals as it makes Tori’s life better working at Avenue Originals. Tori loves being with people like myself.

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