January Happenings

With January now fully underway the Fighting Chance team are well and truly firing at 100%. Lots more people in the office and more guys doing more days means the offices are always full and bustling with activities. Australia Day is definitely the thing on everybody’s minds, just a quick reminder we get the day off! YAY! We wish everybody a happy and safe long weekend. We plan to hang out with family and friends watching the Cricket and tennis as well as getting our hair wet down at the beach!

I may only be 2nd week but Avenue has already had some awesome achievements, David who has been coming to Fighting Chance for just under a year came out to join the team for morning tea and lunch! Great stuff! Glenn and others are upping their days, Glenn is now working hard Monday and Friday!

With the start of a new year came the need to refresh our first aid skills. Thank you to Sinead Mayer for coming in and giving a quick disability specific refresher course, it was fantastic! 

The dynamic duo Robbie + Glenn.

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