School Sport

Hi my name is Sophia and I’m in year 12.

I came to Fighting Chance for work experience on Fridays.

Last week we had our school athletics carnival and I went in some running races, 100metre, hurdles, 400metre race and 200metre race. I fell over in the hurdles and bruised my leg, I’m not going in that again.

My friend Priscilla did some of the field events too, high jump, shot put, discus and long jump, the 400metres was too much for her. We had a good time,

Then on Tuesday we went to the zone cross country at Narrabeen. I had to run a long way, it was fun and I didn’t cry.

We played grade sport, senior soccer on Wednesday and lost 7-0. Soccer practice is on Friday lunchtime but it’s raining today, maybe we go next week.

I like sport because it’s really good exercise, fun and you meet lots of good friends.

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