Tour De Chance

Hello everyone,

The Tour De Chance will be starting on the 5th of November and go until the 13th of November. This year the goal with the Tour De Chance is to raise $500,000 so we open 3 more work hubs around Sydney. By donating money you will be helping 180 people with a disability gain work experience.

We have an amazing group of interesting young men and women who are participating in the Tour De Chance this year. In this year’s line-up of riders we have:

Terry Goodman,Chloe Irwin Whitney, Craig Szucs, Jeff Zulman, Graeme Wilson, Peter Banks, Darren Jones, Glenn Dobson, Tim Powell, Jack McCartney, Wayne Oxenham, Jordan O’Reilly, David Clarke, Ashley Naumann, Antonio Gelonsei, Greg Rector, Frank Courtney, Tim Smealie, Dan Powell, David Appleby, Graeme Bricknell, John Maguire, Aditya Varma, and Stephen Hickey



How can you help? You can go to and donate.



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