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Handmade scarves for any occasion!

 Handmade Scarves!  No matter what season we are in, here at Avenue we love our scarf collection. Our range of silk, wool and cotton scarfs can be put to great use regardless of the temperature outside. Our scarves are handmade by our partners around the world. Today we thought we’d help you out with a quick guide to the Avenue handmade scarf collection via colour. Single Colour Eri Silk - this scarf is bright and bold and will stand out amongst the crown. The Eri silk fibre is great for all seasons and is durable and thermal. These are handmade by our partner, MESH, in India. Silk scarf - these lightweight scarves come in a variety of vibrant colours including red,...

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Eri Silk (aka Peace Silk)

Eri Silk come from the worm 'Samia cynthia ricini' which is located in North East India and some parts of China and Japan. The word eri comes from the Assamese word which mean caster because the silkworm feeds on caster plants. There are many names for Eri silk in India such as Endi or Errandi. Some people also know it as 'peace silk' because it is allowed to escape from the cocoon and is thought to be a peaceful way for animals to live. Wild peace silk come from the cocoon of a silkworm caterpillar. The type of silk used determines the name of the silk, price and the quantity. There is a very special way of preparing the cocoon so it can...

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A Quick History Of Mother's Day

Mother’s Day  Mother’s Day is a celebration for mothers all around the world. It was started in 1908 in Virginia in the USA by a woman called Anna Jarvis. She wanted to campaign for mother’s day to remember the great work her mother did before she sadly passed away. Mother’s Day is celebrated on different days depending on the country. In some countries Mother’s day is based on a religious or special event that has happened in that country. In Australia, Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May, in 2015 this will be on the 10th of May. In Australia, the tradition was started by a woman called Janet Haydon who lived in Leichardt in Sydney. She...

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Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Selecting the right gift for your mum on mothers day is always a tough one. Because we know that picking just the right gift is a challenge, here at Avenue we want to make that easier for you this year by giving you a run down on some of our favourites that we think will be a hit with your mum this mothers day. Click here to see the full collection of our Mother's Day Gift Ideas. To help you out we can gift wrap your present and pop a beautiful card made by our interns in the package for you. This way your gift is ready for you to hand straight over to your mum. Just remember to add the $2 gift...

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