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Jayden's Christmas Break

Hi everyone, Jayden here. I just wanted to share with you all with what i did over my lovely Christmas break. I was lucky enough to see my brother, who has come home from his oversees trip. I had a really nice Christmas with all my family up on a farm having some fun with Llamas. I hope everyone else had a great break, as i did. Im looking forward to catching up with all my friends back at Avenue.

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Nic Esposito Holiday Blog

Hey, Nic Esposito here with the first blog post of 2018. Just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year, looking forward to having a great year. I had a good Christmas break with cousins visiting from Italy. Having them around was nice because it got our extended Family together which included picnics, food, presents and lots of laughs. My favourite part of the break was having my cousins in Australia and getting to know them better.  All in all, I am happy to be back, it’s nice to see everyone again and I’m excited to see what 2018 has in store.       

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Christmas Closure

Merry Christmas Everyone We are closing on 22nd December and re-open 8th January We hope you have a lovely break and see you in the new year !

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Exciting things that are happening around the Avenue

Hello everyone and Merry Christmas. It is Christmas time and it is very exciting to hear everyone talking about their plans for christmas and every one so happy. We will be having holidays from the avenue too. It is really fun working with the avenue members in the fighting chance. Hope everyone will have a wonderful christmas celebration and holidays Kind regards Daniel Okeefe

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My Avenue Story Blog

Hi, my name is Jacob Hillier, I am 22 years old and I work at Avenue two days a week which are Mondays and Wednesdays. I started doing work experience at Avenue in mid 2012 at 5c/106 Old Pittwater Road, Brookvale NSW with one of the students from my school, Cameron Latty and my teacher, Debra Spence. Bill Seaman drove Cameron and myself in the van from Arranounbai School to Avenue at Brookvale. Avenue used to combine with Jigsaw back in 2013 when it moved to 5B Skyline Place, Frenchs Forest NSW and I moved with them. I currently do research tasks, shopify tasks with both Avenue and another fair trade shop Thread Harvest, powerpoint slideshows, Avenue Breakroom TV slides...

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