Avenue Originals - Candles

About Avenue Originals

At Avenue we use our skills and abilities to bring epic brands to the world. Avenue Originals is our own in-house brand and all the products are both conceived and designed by our very own interns. Our interns all have a disability that might restrict them from traditional means of employment. At Avenue we empower the interns to tap into their skills and abilities to inspire ideas, create products and achieve on epic proportions! 


About Our Candles

Avenue and MJ Candles & Gifts partnered together to create a range of beautiful eco-soy candles to accent your home or workplace.

 When you light your Avenue candle, know that you are helping to ignite a career for people with disability. You are igniting passion in a group of people who put everything into what they do to sustain meaningful work for themselves and to contribute to their loving families.

Avenue Candles are hand poured in Australia.  Only the best, clean-burn natural soy wax and recyclable materials are used in our meticulous production process ensuring you receive a luxury candle with a perfect scent burning for 45 hours.

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