Avenue Originals - Greeting Cards

About Avenue Originals

At Avenue we use our skills and abilities to bring epic brands to the world. Avenue Originals is our own in-house brand and all the products are both conceived and designed by our very own interns. Our interns all have a disability that might restrict them from traditional means of employment. At Avenue we empower the interns to tap into their skills and abilities to inspire ideas, create products and achieve on epic proportions! 

About the Artists

Discovering and nurturing each person's unique talents is what Avenue prides itself on. The Avenue Originals cards have been designed by our very own Team Members Ashleigh Powell, Briana Azzopardi, Glenn Turnbull and Bronte Wong, and Team Leader Sharlyn Variava. These passionate artists come from a range of different backgrounds, bringing with them diverse and unique abilities. The team use a range of mediums to create these beautiful pieces, in their expression they overcome boundaries and barriers.

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