What we do

Avenue’s “Why”: Our mission is to empower people with disability - to acknowledge team members’ skills rather than their disability.  Our vision is a global community that promotes meaningful vocation, economic empowerment and opportunities for everyone to reach their potential.

All of our team members in Avenue have a disability that restricts them from traditional modes of employment.  At Avenue we empower our team members to tap into their skills and abilities to do, create and achieve in epic proportions. We seek out brands with a similar ethos, mission of empowerment and ethical and fair trade practices.

About the Avenue Business

Avenue has three pillars to its retail activities: Wholesale, Originals and Order Fulfillment.

1) Wholesale

Avenue retails ethical, fairtrade or organic home and giftware products.  We see our partnerships as a vehicle to assist the brand in spreading their story and highlighting their cause.  In this manner, we request the brand to provide us with images and marketing collateral for our use in our retail outlets at markets, shopping centres and online.  Avenue aims to rotate partners quarterly in order to keep customers continually updated with new products as well as maximise the number of causes and stories we highlight.

2) Avenue Originals

The Avenue Originals brand is our own in-house brand.  Avenue Originals are both conceived and designed by our team members.  

3) Order Fulfillment

Avenue partners with very small ethical and fair trade businesses to boost their brands. At Avenue we form strategic partnerships tailored to meet each business’ needs.  We aim to free up entrepreneurs to be able to grow and scale their business, thereby increasing their epic, ethical footprint.  

We offer a range of services, including: order fulfilment, retail sales outlets, stock taking, returns and even non-digital marketing.


 About the Avenue Team

Our team members have a range of skills and abilities that come in a variety of forms.  Some team members are completely immobile and lack the power of speech but they participate in product selection and in the creation of promotional materials. Some members are mobile and highly active and whilst they may lack creative writing skills they’re excellent in Excel and highly adept in typing.  Other team members are highly artistic and creative which comes many forms from art, to stories to dance and theatre.  We find ways to channel all these expressions from using the art in our Avenue Originals range, the stories in our blog posts and the theatre component to hone and teach others customers service and upselling skills.  


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