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 At Avenue we use our skills and abilities to bring  epic brands to the world.  The Avenue Originals  brand is our own in-house epic brand.  Avenue Originals are both conceived and designed by our  own interns.  Our interns all have a disability  that might restrict them from traditional means of employment.  At Avenue we empower our guys with  disability to tap into their skills and abilities to do, create and achieve on  epic proportions!

Seven Women LogoSeven Women
is a not-for-profit organisation in Nepal that works with disabled and under privileged women giving them social and economic power through skills, training and opportunity.  The organisation began in 2009 as a grass roots development project to create change for seven women who were found operating from a tin shed and enduring harsh discrimination as a result of being disabled. 
Seven Women founder Stephanie Woollard first met these women and invested in training in the hope that gaining a skill would give them a means to earn an income. Through a dedicated and passionate team they have been able to establish two centres in Nepal, which have trained and employed over 550 women.

Craftworks Cambodia LogoCraftworks Cambodia is an organisation working to provide vocational training and marketing skills to home based producers through the sale of contemporary art and craft items. Craftworks Cambodia maintains, and practices, a strong commitment to environmental awareness with many of the products being made from recycled and sustainable materials.
Their Mission is to create work for disadvantaged workers with high levels of unemployment. Relationships with their artisans are nurtured in order to develop a platform for sound business principles whilst always maintaining the human focus.

MESH Logo 


 MESH is an Indian organisation supporting artisans with a disability opportunities for people with a disability and people affected by leprosy to achieve social and economic integration through fair trade. MESH train artisans to produce goods suited to their capabilities, serve as a guide in the selection of what will sell best, assist in obtaining raw materials and secure orders with the aim of providing full-time employment and equitable wages.


Lao Disabled Womens Development CentreLao Disabled Women’s Development Centre (LDWDC) is a non-profit organisation run by Lao women with disabilities for Lao women with disabilities. They assist people cope with disability and advocate for the rights of women with disabilities. They believe that too often people’s attitudes are a bigger challenge than the disability itself. This community of women supports each other, and encourage women with disabilities develop independence by offering training in income generating activities and life skills. The LDWDC love to create products that are environmentally sustainable and eco-friendly! The newspapers and magazines that are used for making their recycled paper products have all donated by other organisations.


New Partner Opportunities

Avenue is expanding the product range and partners that we work with. If you are an artisan or represent a company that produces products for retail sale and are interested in potentially working with Avenue, please contact us via the details on our Contact page.


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